Visual Studio 15.7 Release

New Feature Summary

Posted by Devdog on June 21, 2018

Visual Studio 15.7 Release

New Features in 15.7

微软于2018-6-18放出了Visual Studio 15.7的更新!


  • We added support to change installation locations.

  • You can Save All your pending changes before you start your update. The update dialog provides you even more details about your update during installation.

  • C# 7.3 is included in Visual Studio version 15.7.

  • We improved solution load time for C# and VB projects.

  • We made numerous updates to F# and its tools, with a focus on performance.

  • We reduced the time to enable IntelliSense for large .NET Core projects by 25%.

  • We made Quick Info improvements and new .NET refactorings like convert for-to-foreach and make private fields readonly.

  • We added the ability to publish ASP.NET Core applications to App Service Linux without containers.

  • Live Unit Testing works with embedded pdbs and supports projects that use reference assemblies.

  • The Test Explorer has more responsive icons during test runs.

  • C++ developers can use CodeLens for unit testing.

  • We added new rules enforcing items from the C++ Core Guidelines.

  • Debugging large solutions with /Debug:fastlink PDBs is more robust.

  • CMake integration supports CMake 3.11 and static analysis.

  • Python projects support type hints in IntelliSense, and a Run MyPy command has been added to look for typing errors in your code.

  • Conda environments are supported in Python projects.

  • We added a next version of our Python debugger based on the popular open source pydevd debugger.

  • TypeScript 2.8 is included in Visual Studio version 15.7.

  • We improved Kestrel HTTPs support during debugging.

  • We added support for JavaScript debugging with Microsoft Edge.

  • The Debugger supports VSTS and GitHub Authentication for Source Link.

  • IntelliTrace’s step-back debugging feature is supported for debugging .NET Core projects.

  • We added IntelliTrace support for taking snapshots on exceptions.

  • We removed the blocking modal dialog from branch checkouts in Git when a solution or project reload is not required.

  • You have the option to choose between OpenSSL and SChannel in Git.

  • You can create and associate Azure Key Vaults from within the Visual Studio IDE.

  • Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin can automatically install missing Android API levels required by Xamarin.Android projects.

  • The Xamarin.Forms XAML editor provides IntelliSense and quick fixes for conditional XAML.

  • Visual Studio Build Tools now supports installing into a container, and we added support for building Azure, UWP, and additional project types.

  • You can create build servers without installing all of Visual Studio.

  • The Windows 10 April 2018 Update SDK Build 17134 is the default required SDK for the Universal Windows Platform development workload.

  • We added support for Visual State Management for all UWP apps and more.

  • We enabled automatic updates for sideloaded APPX packages.

  • You have new tools for migrating to NuGet PackageReference.

  • We added support for NuGet package signatures.

  • We added Service Fabric Tooling for the 6.2 Service Fabric release.

  • We updated Entity Framework Tools to work with the EF 6.2 runtime and to improve reverse engineering of existing databases.